We expertise in providing the customers with perfect house construction and final output that suits their budget and meets their requirements. Our prime motto is to fulfill each and every requirement of customer and execute the project with complete accuracy and reliability.

Our construction services include:

  • Residential Apartments (Flats)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Row houses
  • Residential Villas
  • Independent Bungalow Contracts
  • Civil Contracts



Restoration is defined as the process of reestablishing a self-sustaining habitat that closely resembles a natural condition in terms of structure and function.  In simpler words, building restoration is a process of  renewal and refurbishment of the fabric of a building. This covers a wide span of activities, from cleaning of interior or exterior of a building, removal of layers of paint and cleaning and repair of the exterior walls. We also undertake Goan house renovation & restoration in Goa.

There are three main types of restoration:

Building Cleaning – This is mostly cleaning the external facade of a building.

Major Repair – This is done when stonework affected by acid rain and other pollutants, and which has weathered or decayed to a structurally unsound or aesthetically displeasing condition.

Rebuilding – Rebuilding to replace severely damaged or missing parts of a building. Here, in all cases, a balance is to be struck between recreation of the original building using materials and techniques similar to the original construction.

Renovation is the ability to restore existing old structure to an earlier condition, but in better structural and aesthetic beauty, as by repairing or remodeling the existing structure to perfection. In simpler words, to renovate means to impart new vigor or to revive its hidden beauty.


As a Civil and Interior Turnkey Contractor, we contract with other organizations or individuals (the owner) for the demolition, excavation, construction, renovation, interior works, water proofing etc. We are responsible for the technical expertise and professional results to be achieved in accordance with taste and desires of the client.

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